Thursday, June 14, 2012

Teachers' Professional Reading

Question: How can teachers of other grade levels become interested in the professional articles published about other grade levels?

Answer/Quote: “It is significant that of the 386 secondary school teachers, many of whom doubtless feel that their instructional problems can be laid at the door of their elementary school colleagues, only five subscribe to Elementary English. The fact that two-thirds of them are unfamiliar with that periodical should suggest to the editors of NCTE journals that they should publicize one another’s periodicals as assiduously as they advertise publishers’ commercial products.” P. 127.

Comment: There are a variety of ways in which this cross-pollination of ideas might be done. I don’t see such publicity being carried out now in my professional reading of journals (June 2012). Could the topics of contemporary articles be part of the problem? Too much social concern and not enough classroom concern? RayS.

Title: “Letter to the Editor” : Isidore Levine. Research in the Teaching of English (Spring 1972), 126-128.

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